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Competition - The Global Games Jam 2012!!


The Global Games Jam took place in January for a solid 48 hours, at Staffordshire University, as well as all around the world at the same time.  

We formed groups of 5 or 6 and worked solidly for those 48 hours on a game ( resulting in a lot of Relentless and junk food ).  Each group had a variation of : a concept artist ( me ) a 3D modeller, an audio guy and some programmers or scripters.  It was a fantastic weekend and I will definitely being doing it next year.  All the games had to be based on the concept of a snake eating it’s tail, a symbol of eternity or rebirth.  We chose to take it more literally, and created a multiplayer racing game, made for 4 players, two driving and two shooting.  The track was Aztec themed and the end result was very impressive ( If I do say so myself )

Our video, link below, shows a lap of the track we created and then the fighting mechanics. We didn’t have enough time to animate the snakes to a suitable level, so we left them looking like blow up snakes.  We used the Unreal engine with a cell shading effect to create the look you can see in the video.

Trailer for the Jam:

Our Video: