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Game Work
Project Thanatos concept art, The main character ( currently with no name.. )
Game Work - Drakojan Skies
quick concepts for some battle spacecraft, only 2 left!
Game Work - Drakojan skies

Silhouette designs for more ‘gritty’ spaceship designs

First Year work


Character Design

4 hours ( i was still learning )
Photoshop Cs5
Bamboo Pen Tablet

Alice Klae backstory:

Every decade, the planet Iris is plagued when malicious Spirits from the Otherworld break through and terrorise the planet, destroying cities and slaughtering millions. The spirits bring with them Rain, a noxious gas that spreads like wildfire through the planet, toxic to breathe and burning to touch, scattering the population underground into caves. The main inhabitants of this planet are a race of humanoids called the Aktos. An elite group of Aktos called Sirens, born with magical ability to withstand the Rain are sent out to purge the planet of the spirits.

Typically recognised by their headress, Sirens are taken at birth and raised in the temples by the priestess and trained in magical ability, healing skills or fighting. Sirens are trusted with preserving the balance of the planet, but every decade the numbers of spirits pushing through the veil are growing dramatically and are becoming more and more difficult to destroy. In a last attempt to rid the planet of this evil, a final battle is formed, sending out all the sirens in one wave, to take down the High Demon, Eel and send the spirits back to the Otherworld for good.

Name: Alice Klae
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Special Attributes: Magical ability, immunity to toxin, high mental resistance.
Behaviour: Quiet, cold and stoic. She is protective over the younger or less experienced members of her team. Quick to make difficult decisions, would rather fight than avoid an attack/hide.
Weaknesses: Physical attacks, protecting others.
Desires: Protect the team and the main city and purge the world of the spirits.
Environment: City, outlands/wastelands. The main city is well built up, with magic based technology. Buildings and skyscrapers are ornate and beautiful, a piece of artwork in their own right. Main colour schemes of the city are earthy colours with highlights of cold blues and purples.
Profession/status: Magical Fighter for Delta Unit. Capable of melee fighting if her magic depletes.
Teams/Affiliations (Family/Team mates): Sirens work in teams of 5, a leader with a healer and three fighters (magical/physical). A sirens team is his/her family, they work together and grew up as a team from a very young age, to use their abilities to help the team and work as a well organised unit, each person using their unique power to aid the team.

Competition - The Global Games Jam 2012!!


The Global Games Jam took place in January for a solid 48 hours, at Staffordshire University, as well as all around the world at the same time.  

We formed groups of 5 or 6 and worked solidly for those 48 hours on a game ( resulting in a lot of Relentless and junk food ).  Each group had a variation of : a concept artist ( me ) a 3D modeller, an audio guy and some programmers or scripters.  It was a fantastic weekend and I will definitely being doing it next year.  All the games had to be based on the concept of a snake eating it’s tail, a symbol of eternity or rebirth.  We chose to take it more literally, and created a multiplayer racing game, made for 4 players, two driving and two shooting.  The track was Aztec themed and the end result was very impressive ( If I do say so myself )

Our video, link below, shows a lap of the track we created and then the fighting mechanics. We didn’t have enough time to animate the snakes to a suitable level, so we left them looking like blow up snakes.  We used the Unreal engine with a cell shading effect to create the look you can see in the video.

Trailer for the Jam:

Our Video: